5 Easy Tricks to Successfully Start Gardening in the Spring

Gardening season is coming up as we approach the heart of spring. Anyone can start planting a garden with the right tools and tricks. Whether you want to grow beautiful flowers or delicious vegetables, you can achieve your gardening goals.

Gardening does not have to be confusing or stressful. Here are 5 tricks that will help you start gardening the right way this spring.

Plan Your Garden Layout

It’s important to plan exactly where you want to plant each item in your garden. Some plants require more root space than others. You want to give every plant room to grow and thrive without crowding other plants.

Make a grid layout of your soil and mark where each of your seeds will go. This will save you time when it comes to planting and monitoring the growth of your plants. Planning is essential when it comes to growing a healthy, thriving garden.

Take the Soil’s Temperature

Thermometers are not just for sick people. Your soil needs to be at certain temperatures for specific plants to germinate properly. The temperature of the air does not always reflect the soil’s temperature, so using a soil thermometer is best.

Check your seed packages for the ideal germination temperature and plant accordingly. Weather can affect the temperature of your soil, but there are measures you can take to keep it at the ideal temperature. Covering the garden plot can help it retain heat and prevent cold snaps or strong storms from harming your young seedlings.

Cover Your Plot

Black plastic coverings keep the soil warm and help prevent weeds from growing in your garden. Use black plastic material to create the ideal soil temperature before you plant your seeds, and when you’re ready to sow, just cut slits in the plastic and start planting.

This is when your soil thermometer will come in handy, too, so you can make sure the plastic is maintaining the right ground temperature. Weeds struggle to grow when the soil is covered, so you get two benefits with this step.

Use Mulch to Keep Soil Moist

Mulch helps your soil retain the correct level of moisture. Mulch can also help with soil temperature if you need more warmth. Not every garden plot needs mulch, but depending on the types of seeds you plant, it can be beneficial.

You can start laying down mulch during cold, dry days before you begin planting. Even with mulch, your garden will need water, but the mulch will increase moisture retention in your soil.

Have Patience

Patience is key when starting your gardening journey. Plants and soil can be tricky to figure out, especially in climates with fluctuating weather.

Don’t give up on your garden plot if you have a few setbacks, though. Every gardener struggles. You can only control the rate of germination to a certain point. Do your research, prepare your plot, sow your seeds, and try to stay patient while you wait for those blooms and veggies to sprout.

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