5 Thanksgiving Travel Tips for Families Visiting Home This Season

‘Tis the season for holiday travel, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. When you prepare to visit your relatives this holiday season, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Traveling does not have to be stressful and chaotic. If you plan ahead and follow these five tips for Thanksgiving travel, you are bound to enjoy your family trip.

Fill Up Your Gas Tank Early

If you are driving to visit family for Thanksgiving, filling up your gas tank as early as possible is essential. Gas prices skyrocket during the week of Thanksgiving, so it is best to fill up a week early if you can.

Even if you do not have a full tank left when you begin your trip, you can still get a few cheaper miles. Filling up early will also help you relax and avoid a last-minute gas station run (you’ll have plenty of those during your time on the road!).

Get Plenty of Sleep the Night Before

Whether you are flying, driving, or taking public transportation to visit your family for Thanksgiving, getting enough rest is key to a successful trip. If you are tired and cranky while traveling, the whole family will become irritable and upset.

If you have to be at the airport early in the morning, have the whole family go to bed early the night before. Nothing is worse than feeling exhausted and having to navigate the airport with a big group of people.

It is safest to drive when you have had plenty of sleep the night before your trip. Don’t put your passengers at risk — rest up the night before you leave.

Pack Snacks for the Road

If you are taking a road trip, it is best to pack plenty of snacks and drinks ahead of time. This will help you avoid stopping for food as often and keep the whole family at peace. Hungry kids can make Thanksgiving travel much more difficult.

As the driver, you should make sure you get plenty of nourishment as well. Low blood sugar can make you feel tired and less alert, which is a potential danger to you and your passengers. Fuel your body with healthy snacks like nuts, seeds, meats, and cheeses while you are on the road.

Give Yourself Plenty of Extra Travel Time

There are many unexpected travel delays around the holidays, whether you are flying or driving. Airports are busier, there is more traffic on major highways, and you never know what can go wrong with your plane or car.

If you have to be at Grandma’s house by 6:00 on Thanksgiving night, you should plan to arrive at least an hour early, if not more.

This will help you relax and give you plenty of time to enjoy your trip. Nobody likes to feel rushed and stressed during the holidays. Plan for a few extra hours or even a full day of travel time to be safe.

Try to Relax

Thanksgiving can be stressful if you are responsible for coordinating travel with your kids and other family members. Try to build in some time before your trip to relax and unwind. You are more likely to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner if you are calm and well-rested.

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate family and friends; don’t get too caught up in travel worries and miss out on the joys of this season.

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