8 Ways to Invite Spring into Your Home

Spring is a time of new beginnings, which means it’s a great time to refresh your home to reflect the season’s fresh energy. You can make a big difference and welcome spring into your home with a few changes.

Ways to Freshen Your Home with a Touch of Spring

People can be inspired to open their homes to spring-inspired changes as the weather warms up. Here are eight ways to invite spring into your home:

1. Get Rid of Clutter

Many people find that spring is a natural time for decluttering. Get rid of things you don’t regularly use that take up space. You don’t have to throw them in the trash; donate them, recycle them, or have a garage sale!

2. Add Some Green

Adding some greenery to your home is a great way to gather some of the springtime feel of the outdoors and bring it in! Plants naturally freshen any space, especially if it’s been a long, colorless winter.

3. Don’t Forget the Flowers

A classic way to invite spring into your home is by adding some flowers here and there — on a dresser, the dining room table, and in decorative baskets. They can be fresh or faux; there’s no wrong way to bring flower power into your home.

4. Switch Up Some Decor

Little changes can make a big difference, so you don’t have to buy all new furniture to make a spring-like statement in your home! Swap out some accessories, decorative pillows, and throws for others in lighter colors to freshen your space.

5. Get a New Playlist Together

Spring freshenings don’t have to be all about what you see; they should include fresh new sounds, too! Gather a playlist of new songs and make it a point to listen for new favorites to add to your spring collection.

6. Let the Light In

Many people keep curtains, shades, or blinds closed for much of the winter to keep the warm and cool air in. Window treatments are closed for much of the day during colder months simply because daylight is so short. Spring is the time to open up those curtains and blinds to brighten your home!

7. Investigate Aromatherapy

Whether you’re already an enthusiast or have never dabbled with aromatherapy, spring is an excellent season. Aromatherapy can create a relaxing, calming atmosphere in your home, primarily if you use springtime oils like chamomile, jasmine, and lavender.

8. Celebrate with Friends and Family

An excellent way to invite spring into your home is to celebrate it! Host a gathering or party with friends and family for a game night, barbecue, or potluck. Welcome spring to your home as you enjoy the company of others and take advantage of warmer spring weather.

Welcome Spring into Your Home

During fall and winter calls for buttoning up and cozying up, spring brings a vibe that represents warmth, freshness, and new beginnings. You don’t have to make many huge changes in your home to invite spring into it; small changes will do the trick!

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Paul Stella