Best Places To Travel in the US in September

September is an excellent time to travel. Tourism is winding down in most places. Students are back in school, so fewer families are traveling. Fall is settling in, so the weather is cooler and seasonal trees are changing colors.

If you’re thinking about using your hard-earned vacation time this September, consider a few of these destinations. You won’t regret these experiences.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is well known for its chilly weather, but September is early enough into the fall to avoid being too cold during your visit. This city has plenty of parks, beaches, and museums to explore.

Puget Sound is a short ferry ride away if you’re interested in a chance to spot some whales. If you would prefer to stay on land, the Pike Place market is right near the shore, so you can get a peek at the ocean (while staying safely grounded).

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago winters are pretty cold and miserable, so you’ll want to take a chance to visit before it gets to that point. September is still warm enough to enjoy the city without having to worry about unbearable heat and too many other tourists.

Chicago has a rich history. There is even a river tour you can take to learn about the architecture and history of the city.

Yellowstone National Park

Nature lovers would get the best of everything by visiting Yellowstone National Park in September. The hundreds of animal species that can be found in the park are still plenty active, and there are fewer tourists around to distract them.

The National Parks typically don’t start shutting down their facilities until October, so hikers can still enjoy all the scenery.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular visitor attractions in all of the United States. Like many of the other recommendations on this list, the park is typically very crowded and very hot in the summer months. Waiting until September will yield cooler temperatures and less competition for the best views.

You can drive around the area and do a self-guided tour. There are many pull-off points along the way to stop and admire the view from different angles. If you’re feeling brave, there is an option to ride a mule down into the canyon.

San Francisco, California

The weather in San Francisco in September will be dry and warm. That will be the perfect weather to take in the many sights the city has to offer.

The Golden Gate Bridge is a popular tourist attraction. Visitors shouldn’t forget the opportunity to visit Alcatraz Island, though. If you’re more into nature, the fall is prime whale-watching season.

Lake Placid, New York

This little village near the lake is nestled in the Adirondack Mountains of North East New York. The North East of the country is a popular tourist destination in the fall to appreciate the changing leaves in the dense forest.

Easily recognized from its role as a host for the Olympics and a movie of the same name, this is a dream destination to relax and unwind.

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