Freshen Up Your Home for 2023 with the Latest Interior Design Trends

Many people have put off home upgrades in recent years due to labor and supply chain issues. But 2023 may be the perfect time to get back on the horse and start looking into popular design trends that could elevate and modernize your interior. Here are just a few ways to freshen up your home in the new year.

Update Color Trends

Cool, gray neutrals dominated the design choices of the last decade. But they’ve recently given way to warmer greiges as people spend more time at home and yearn for comfortable, soothing living spaces.
In 2023, look for neutral palettes to shift toward warm hues like creams, beiges, and sandy tones that were last popular in the 1990s and 2000s.As for color, warm blues and greens remain popular, but Pantone predicts a new contender. Their Color of the Year for 2023 is bold, bright Viva Magenta. This color is a pinkish-red that draws from earth tones but adds some zest.

Give Modern Maximalism a Try

It’s hard to deny the appeal of minimalist design. Calm, uncluttered spaces with low variation are popularly designed to avoid undue stress or excitement. However, the minimalist pendulum is starting to swing in the other direction. This can give way to maximalist design trends that could lead to sensory overload if you’re not careful.

How can you adopt the maximalist trend in a modern way? Be mindful of the scope and scale of design elements. If you have wallpaper with a tight pattern, choose larger, looser patterns for accents like art, pillows, and throws.

Consider a color palette with just a few base and complementary hues for cohesiveness. Try adding visual interest through texture rather than color or pattern.

Add Historic Pieces

Suppose that you’ve inherited a Regency-era bedroom set that’s been in your family for generations. These pieces may hold sentimental value, but they don’t necessarily fit in with modern furniture or sensibilities.

However, the historic trend is all about embracing heirloom pieces and finding ways to incorporate them with modern design. This could mean giving outdated pieces a makeover or simply refurbishing them to return them to their former glory.

Consider Accent Wallpaper

Wallpaper enjoyed a major revival during the past couple of years when people were stuck at home with plenty of time to try their hand at upgrades. While it can be costly and difficult to install, you can give it a test run on a small area like a powder room, laundry room, or accent wall.

There are also companies like Tempaper & Co., Chasing Paper, and Blik that offer peel-and-stick wallpaper, panels, and decals that are practically impossible to get wrong. If you make a mistake, simply peel and restick. You’ll find plenty of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from.

Separate but Open Concept

Many homeowners aren’t keen to give up the light and sight lines of an open-concept floor plan, but they’re finding they require some separation to make remote work more manageable.

Solving this is where transparent separation comes in, with options like interior glass walls and doors delivering the best of both worlds. Transparent décor is also trending in home design.

A fresh, modern interior need not require massive renovation and expense. A few key cosmetic changes can really update the look, and even the function, of your home for 2023.

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Paul Stella