Home Office Upgrades If You Work Remotely

Working from home has its perks. One of the best advantages to working from your home office is that you have full control of your space. You can set it up so that it works for you, perfectly reflecting your needs, preferences, and means of staying productive.

Here are a few upgrades to consider if you’re looking to make improvements to your home office:

Invest in a Good Chair

As tempting as it might be to work from the couch in your softest sweatpants every day, it’s not a great option for being productive. A chair and a desk is the absolute minimum for being able to get work done regularly. (Sweatpants are still an option, though.)

Comfort and adjustability matter most when it comes to upgrading your chair. A good chair must support your neck and back. Look for an ergonomic chair, as these chairs are designed to support individuals who spend a great deal of time sitting!

Create Adjustable Lighting

Traditional offices typically have lots of bright fluorescent lights overhead. Your home office lighting is probably a bit more subtle than that.

Bright light can improve your energy and help you to be more productive. Consider moving your desk next to a sunny window, if that’s an option in your home.

Too much bright light can strain your eyes, so it’s important that you can control your lighting, too. Use blinds or curtains to adjust how much light comes in through a window as the sun moves during the day. If you keep a lamp on your desk, make sure it is one with a few settings.

Being able to adjust your lighting will also help with all of those video conferences that have recently become popular. Your webcam will pick up and focus on the brightest object in the room. Make sure that is you!

Green Up Your Space

Incorporate one or a few houseplants in your home office design. Plants offer many benefits for health and wellness, especially while you’re working. 

A few popular choices of plants for offices include:

  • Spider Plants
  • Snake Plants
  • Pothos
  • Peace Lilies

These plants are hardy and hard to kill, even if you don’t have a green thumb.

Having plants nearby can help you feel more in touch with nature. They have a calming effect, which is especially beneficial during stressful projects. They can even make a person more empathetic.

Along with the mental help, plants also can make you physically feel better. People who keep plants around experience fewer headaches. A plant’s natural ability to filter toxins and dust from the air also reduces issues, such as dry skin and dry eyes.

Stand Up and Take Your Desk with You

Stand-up desks are growing in popularity. Sitting all day is no fun, and working while hunched over your desk can cause neck and back problems.

Standing all day isn’t much fun, either. There are desks available for purchase which can be raised to convert to a stand-up desk. This gives you the flexibility to stand up and get some blood flow without the need to disrupt your work.

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