Top 8 Places to Travel If You Want to Beat the Heat this Summer

Looking for an amazing destination for your summer vacation? Tropical beaches and warm weather hot spots may be the most common places to travel this time of year, but not everyone wants to spend their summer vacation in the hot sun. What if you’re looking to beat the heat?

We’ve collected eight great answers to that question right here in this easy guide. Enjoy!

1. Alaska

The Last Frontier has many things to offer: breathtaking scenery, rare and beautiful wildlife, and amazing national parks. One thing it does not have is sweltering hot days when all you want to do is hide in an air-conditioned room. That’s why summer is the absolute best time to visit Alaska.

2. Maine

If you’re looking to stay in the United States but the trip to Alaska seems a bit daunting, your best bet might be a trip to beautiful Maine. With an average temperature of 70 degrees in July, Maine stays warm enough for you to enjoy its natural beauty and cool enough for you to avoid heat stroke. Consider Portland, Rockland, or Acadia National Park.

3. Seattle, Washington

Perhaps you’re a bit far from Maine but you’re still looking for a way to beat the heat within the contiguous 48. With average temps of around 70 degrees, there’s no better time of year to enjoy beautiful Seattle, Washington, than the summer. It’s an incredible cross of urban intrigue and natural wonder that you’re bound to fall in love with.

4. Switzerland

If you’re looking for an overseas locale that can help you keep cool, Switzerland is worth considering. It gets plenty hot in the southern regions during the summer, but the more mountainous regions north of that allow for much cooler temps and some of the most breathtaking views on planet earth.

5. Norway

Early summer in Norway is your opportunity to experience the midnight sun. Due to the latitude at which Norway is located, the sun doesn’t totally set for 76 days in the country’s northern regions. With average temps hovering around 70 degrees and all that extra daylight, you’ve got yourself an incredible summer destination.

6. Iceland

Iceland is one of those “well-kept secrets” that’s been around so long it’s almost no longer a secret. This place is absolutely beautiful, the people are incredibly kind, and the weather is totally blissful in the summertime.

7. Bali

This one may be a little confusing, but it’s actually cooler during the summer months in Bali than it is during the winter months. If you’re looking for a cooler time to see one of the most breathtaking spots on earth, summer is it.

8. New Zealand

If you’re really looking to escape the summer heat this year, you do have the option to go somewhere where it’s winter. On the other side of the planet, the seasons are reversed, and you can enjoy the cooler months in the absolutely gorgeous country of New Zealand.

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