10 Thanksgiving Home Decor Ideas to Express Your Style

Thanksgiving is one of the best social occasions of the year. Friends and loved ones gather over a hot meal to catch up and remember the things that truly matter. For many people, Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season and a chance to show off their design style at the turkey dinner party.

The tradition of “the Thanksgiving meal” is what makes it so special. That paired with some innovative design options can help you really wow your family this year. Check out these ten unique home decor ideas for inspiration on your next Thanksgiving design masterpiece.

Indian Corn Wreath

An Indian corn wreath is a fall decor piece sure to turn heads. It’s a vibrant alternative to the traditional Thanksgiving wreath and holds high cultural significance to the holiday and its indigenous founders.

The wreath can be crafted to fit many design styles, so feel free to make it your own.

Pheasant Feather Centerpiece 

A pheasant feather centerpiece is a perfect addition to any Thanksgiving banquet table. The feathers can be bunched together with pinecones, greens, and other earthy decor or paired with an elegant bouquet for a more upscale design.

Wheat Cloches

Cultivate an authentic harvest ambiance by incorporating wheat into your Thanksgiving decor. Rustic bundles of wheat coupled with the sleek cloche design makes this decor so eye-catching.

Gooseberry Branches

A simple gooseberry branch in a tall, clear, or colored vase can do wonders for your Thanksgiving table decor. It’s a minimalistic approach to the traditional over-the-top holiday festivities, which can prove refreshing for the entire family.

Wire Cornucopia

The cornucopia is a Thanksgiving staple. It celebrates abundance and prosperity. You can spice up your decor by putting a twist on the design. Instead of the traditional cornucopia, opt for one made of wire and fill it with a stunning fall bouquet for an industrial look.

Pumpkin Place Cards

Presentation is everything. Make your guests feel at home with individual mini pumpkin place cards. You can paint them white or gold for a more awe-inspiring effect.

Extravagant Fall Planters

Make your home stand out with extravagant fall planters to commemorate the season. Mix and match seasonal plants to create a textured and vibrant color scheme.

Table-Top Thanksgiving Tree

A small table-top Thanksgiving tree is a sweet addition to the holiday tradition. You can choose to hang party favors on the tree so each guest can have a keepsake to take with them or give each member the chance to hang gratitude leaves.

Apple and Eucalyptus Table Runner

If you’re going for a more natural and elegant theme for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, an apple and eucalyptus table runner will give you the look you’re going for. You can pair it with neutral tablecloths, white candles, and copper table decor for a refreshing feel.

White Pumpkin Vase

A simple white pumpkin vase can do wonders in terms of decor. It serves as a more polished alternative to the traditional pumpkin decor and can be repurposed throughout the year.

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