Best Low-Cost Sunshine Destinations for This November

For some, the fall season means fancy autumnal decorations, family gatherings, and snuggling up by campfires. For others, it means traveling the world, putting their toes in the sand, and embarking on new adventures.

Both are great ways to spend the holiday season. People tend to do less traveling during the colder months, making traveling in November a more affordable option and giving you more bang for your buck.

If you’re looking for your next adventure, we’ve comprised a list of the top affordable, warm-weather destinations for your fall bucket list.

Key West, Florida

Key West is Florida’s southernmost city and part of the Florida Keys archipelago. The locale’s unique subtropical climate is known for its coral reefs and some of the best beaches in the state where tourists dive and snorkel. The average temperature year-round rarely dips below 70 degrees.

November is one of the most affordable months to visit Key West, with roundtrip tickets starting at just $60 and hotel stays averaging $130 per night.

You’ll have a great time exploring the city’s historic destinations and indulging in the rich culture.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is one of the country’s not-so-hidden gems. This charming beach destination remains incredibly warm throughout the year. Tourists enjoy beautiful sceneries, exquisite dining selections, and thrilling outdoor adventures.

Early and mid-November are the best times to find affordable deals on flights and hotel stays in this Pacific coast resort town. Flights start at $200 roundtrip, while a 4-star hotel may only cost you around $50 a night.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

When traveling to Puerto Rico, you won’t need a passport for entrance since it’s a U.S. territory. It’s a collection of islands in the Caribbean with a rich Latin history. Its most popular city, San Juan, is known for its historic and diverse culture.

In San Juan, you’ll have a great time visiting historic sites like the forts and Old San Juan. Roundtrip flights begin at $27 during the winter months, and you can find exceptional hotel deals for around $150 per night.

San Diego, California

Home to the world-famous San Diego Zoo, the city is a wildly popular U.S. vacation destination. When touring San Diego, you’ll enjoy the Old Town Trolley Tour, catch a glimpse of the vast population of seals and sea lions, and surf the 70-mile shoreline.

You can expect tourist traffic to slow up in the winter months, which drives down travel pricing. Round-trip ticket pricing can start at as little as $200, and you can snag an oceanside hotel for around $100 a night.

Cancún, Mexico

Mexico makes it on the list again for being one of the most affordable tropical destinations. Cancún remains warm throughout the winter months and is a go-to beach destination for travelers worldwide.

Roundtrip tickets start at just $150, and you can find many luxury hotels for less than that. Cancún is sure to show you a good time with the historical Mayan ruins, incredible nightlife, and water sport activities. This intriguing Mexican city truly delivers paradise on a budget.

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