How to Create a Winter Wonderland in Your Home

A wintry theme has a lot to do with decorating your home in white, silver, and blue. It’s a great way to deck the halls without being holiday-specific. Here are some ideas to help you turn your home into a winter wonderland:

Mimic Snow-Covered Hills Indoors

Switch out your everyday throw pillows and blankets for big, fluffy white ones. You can do this with area rugs and tablecloths, too. Add white garland, ribbons, and plastic icicles to doorways and stair railings.

Get a Woodsy Feel with Trees and Branches

Display Christmas trees of various sizes in your home. Arrange white glittery decorative branches in a large, sturdy floor vase. You can also use white woodsy table centerpieces. Decorate your trees in only white, silver, and blue ornaments. Add silver garland, and use blue and white lights.

Make It Warm and Cozy with Candles and Scents

Electric or battery-powered candles are safer and not as messy as traditional candles. Set white candles anywhere—on the mantel, the entertainment center, end tables, and shelves. Grab one or two plug-in diffusers with a vanilla spice scent.

If you have a fireplace, nothing is cozier than lighting a little fire on the coldest evenings.

Wrap Gifts in White, Blue, and Silver

Continue your theme under your tree (which should have a white, light blue, or silver tree skirt) with gifts wrapped in the same colors. Instead of placing them randomly under the tree, stack them to resemble snowdrifts.

Use Lots of White and Blue Holiday Lights

LED lights stay cool to the touch and use very little energy. Hang strands of tiny bulbs anywhere they’ll go. You can use twinkling lights for a dynamic effect.

Remember to use blue and white lights only for a winter wonderland feel. Instead of just framing your window, light it up with curtain string lights for a truly magical glow.

Bring Out the White, Blue, and Silver Holiday Dishes

If you don’t already have dishes, you can find ones in winter wonderland colors during the holiday season. White dishes are standard year-round. Add white, silver, and blue with a tablecloth, decorations, and napkins for your table.

Play with Paper

Remember when you were a kid and cut snowflakes out of paper? Do the same for your winter wonderland. Hang them with clear string on walls, over tables, and from ceilings. If you don’t want to make them yourself, craft stores have a huge variety of amazing paper snowflakes for just a couple of dollars.

Get Creative with Wall Hangings

This is great for stockings if you don’t have a fireplace. Mount a long, thin branch on the wall, and use it to hang your stockings. Add touches of greenery to complete your wonderland aesthetic.

Call on Your Childhood Imagination

Creating a winter wonderland in your home only takes imagination! Stay away from reds and greens, substituting white, light blues, and silver. You might be surprised at just how easy and fun transforming your home for the holidays can be.

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