5 Tips to Step Up Your Summer BBQ Game

Summertime is the best time to gather friends, family, neighbors, and more to celebrate your backyard space and the great outdoors. Between delicious BBQ food, great company, and fun activities, what’s not to love?

Still, after a while, these parties can become stale. This season, make sure your party is the best on the block by using some tips below. If you’re ready to take your BBQ to the next level, read these next five steps.

1. Check the Weather

You can’t have an Instagram-worthy summer BBQ without being in the great outdoors. Unfortunately, most of the time, the outdoors isn’t as reliable as we’d sometimes like it to be.

If you live in an area that sees summer rainfall, you know as well as anyone how impromptu showers can dampen your plans. But don’t think you’re safe from the weather just because you may live in sunny California. Summer heat can pose serious health threats, too.

So what to do? Make sure you check the weather before your event and prepare accordingly. If it will be too hot for guests, make sure you install structures like umbrellas to offer adequate shade – and keep everyone hydrated!

2. Nail Down Your Theme

Planning your BBQ around a theme isn’t just fun; it can also be very helpful as it gives you a good jumping-off point for brainstorming drinks, games, or activity ideas.

Stumped on a theme? Consider one of these summer classics:

  • Great Gatsby
  • Luau
  • Tea party
  • Neon party
  • Fiesta

Once you choose the theme of your party, everything should fall into place.

3. Think About Entertainment

After a while, small talk and snacking can get pretty old. Consider what ways you want to entertain your guests before they arrive to prevent any awkward chunks of time.

Games are always a fun way to engage any group. It’s also a great time to pull everyone together for an outdoor screening of your favorite movie.

Consider summertime classics like Ferris Bueler’s Day Off, Wet Hot American Summer, or Independence Day.

4. Drinks Galore

There’s no better way to keep that summer heat at bay than with refreshing, fun drinks. Consider what your theme is while you plan the drink menu to do a fun tie-in to the greater theme of the party.

It’s also important to remember to provide non-alcoholic versions of the drink for anyone that wants to remain sober or if you have any people under 21 present.

But that doesn’t mean these drinks have to be boring! Sub out the alcohol for other ingredients to make these nonalcoholic drinks delicious.

5. Grill Fun Items

We’ve all heard of the grilling classics – burgers, ribs, chicken, corn. But it’s not all about the classics (although those are good to have, too).

Have you considered other food to slap on the grill to make your summer BBQ party stand out? Slap down grilled fruit like peaches, pineapple, watermelon, or cantaloupe to truly wow your guests.

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Paul Stella