The Ultimate Guide for Planning the Perfect Summer Vacation

Summer is just around the corner, which means you can finally take that relaxing vacation you’ve been dreaming of all year long. But the funny thing about vacations is, in order to truly feel relaxed and free on them, you’ve got to do plenty of planning and preparation beforehand.

To help you do that, we’ve created this easy guide to all you need to know about planning the perfect summer vacation.

Step 1: Plan Way Ahead

You may think you’ve got plenty of time to plan your vacation, but it will be here before you know it. Waiting too long to make your plans will leave you feeling rushed and stressed, and it’ll also wind up costing you more money.

Planning ahead gives you time to get things just right, take the pick of the litter when it comes to flights and accommodations, and ensure that you’ve got everything squared away before it’s time to leave.

Step 2: Pick Your Destination

The world is a big place, and it’s full of amazing vacation spots. That can prove to be a bit overwhelming when it comes time to plan a trip. Remember, though, that sifting through the endless but exciting possibilities for your vacation can be one of the best parts of it.

Take your time to create a list of possible destinations with your travel partners and consider the pros and cons of each. That should help you pick a winner.

Step 3: Book Your Flights and Accommodations

Now it’s time to make things official. When it comes to booking flights, you’ll consider the cost, of course, but there are other important factors to keep in mind. Connecting flights, flight times, airlines, and luggage rules should all weigh into the flight you select.

For your accommodations, how convenient (or inconvenient) their location is can sometimes be overlooked. Keep that in mind when you’re planning activities and day trips.

Another important thing to consider is how you’ll get to and from the airport. Apps like Uber and Lyft make that a lot simpler now, but it won’t hurt to lock in exactly how and when you’re getting your ride well ahead of time.

Step 4: Build Your Itinerary

Now that things are set in stone, you can start planning the fun stuff. Look into what your destination has to offer and consider booking some experiences beforehand. At the very least, create a list of things you’d like to do when you’re there.

Also, make sure to create a checklist of essential items you’re going to need and determine a rough budget. Not only will this avert potential disaster, but it will also leave you with a greater sense of ease when you’ve finally set out on your trip and can’t turn back for something you’ve forgotten.

Step 5: Let It All Happen

We tend to want our vacation to be absolutely perfect even when we know how unlikely that really is. In reality, the best way to enjoy your vacation is to roll with the punches when things don’t go as planned and try to be open to taking an unexpected turn off the beaten path just to see where it takes you.

You’re far more likely to have a great time, as well as some new adventures, if you let go of those unmeetable expectations and embrace uncertainty.

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