Summertime Grilling: Creative Ways to Set Up Your Outdoor Space

Who doesn’t love having a barbeque on a warm summer day? One of the most popular summertime activities is grilling and we all understand why. Food on the grill is delicious and barbequing is a fun way to spend time with friends and family. 

If you plan on doing a lot of grilling this summer, it’s important to make sure you have a great outdoor space for your friends and family to feel comfortable in. Check out three creative ways to set up your outdoor space for hosting barbeques this summer.

Create a Comfy Lounge Space

When setting up your outdoor space this summer, the comfort of your guests should be at the forefront of your mind. You’ll want to invest in quality patio furniture that will keep your friends and family cozy while you’re cooking. 

This might look like outdoor lounge chairs with thick, billowy cushions. You can also have chaise lounges and outdoor couches for your friends and family to lie back and relax or even take an afternoon nap. 

Add to the ambiance by setting up mood lighting. You can do this with dim string lights draped around your back patio or wrapped around the railings of a back deck. You can then accentuate the mood with scented outdoor candles that have a calming effect. This will create an almost ethereal feel for ultimate relaxation. 

Make Your Own Outdoor Restaurant

Bring the beach to your backyard by creating your very own outdoor dining establishment. Turn your patio or back deck into a backyard restaurant with a bar for drinks and stool seats around it. Surround the area with tiki torch lighting to give the vibe of a tropical café. 

Your guests can mingle and have mixed drinks while you prepare food on the grill. With vibes like this, they’ll feel like they are hanging out at a restaurant right on the beach after a long day spent in the sun.

Set Up Recreational Areas

If your barbeques are all-day occasions, you will want to set up an outdoor space for recreational activities. Your family and friends likely won’t spend the entire day relaxing, so there needs to be space for them to have some fun with one another. This is especially true if you will be having family or friends with children attending. 

For safety reasons, set up space for people to play a good distance away from the grill. If you have the room, you can set up fun outdoor activities like a volleyball net or cornhole toss game in the yard. If you do not have a lot of yard space, invest in tabletop games that your guests can play, like cards or board games. 

Yards with pools are the ultimate way to entertain guests during a barbeque. You can enhance your pool space by making an organized area near the pool where your guests can find towels, pool floaties, goggles, sunscreen, or anything else they may need. Your friends and family will feel like they are spending the day at a resort!

However you choose to set up your space, get creative!

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Paul Stella