Summer Splash: Fun Family Activities to Beat the Heat at Home

With summer in full swing, it’s time to start planning fun activities to keep your kids entertained and engaged while school’s out! 

The summer heat can feel good, but you don’t always want your family out in the sun for too long. Overexposure to the sun can have harmful effects, such as heat exhaustion and skin damage. That’s why it’s important to plan interesting things that can keep your family cool and safe in the hottest of temperatures. 

Check out these five fun family activities to beat the heat while you’re at home this summer!

At-Home Art Class

School may be out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean your kids have to abandon art projects. You can begin your own at-home art class, picking one day a week for the family to do something artistic. 

Simple things like finger painting or pasta art are great ways for younger children to explore their artsy side. If you have older kids, you can try more elaborate projects like making unique decorations with sculpting clay.

Indoor Danceathons

Just because you’re staying indoors doesn’t mean your kids need to stay sedentary. It’s important for them to have physical activity and one way to do that is by having an indoor danceathon. 

Create a playlist that you know your kids will love and set up a makeshift dance floor in the living room. Then, let them express themselves with their best moves! You can even make it more engaging by offering a prize to whoever comes up with the most creative dance.

Making Homemade Ice Cream

On a hot summer day, is there anything better than cold ice cream? Turn ice cream into a fun activity by having your family make their own. There are endless recipes for homemade ice cream that can be found online. 

Have your kids choose some creative flavors to make, and before you know it, you’ll have your own at-home ice cream parlor.

Water Balloon Battles

We understand you won’t want to spend all your time inside this summer. Fortunately, there’s a great activity you can do outdoors that will keep you cool in the scorching sun. 

Grab a bucket and fill it with small water balloons before an ultimate backyard water balloon fight. You can divide your family into teams or play as individuals. Whoever is the last standing (meaning whoever is the least soaked) once the bucket is empty gets a popsicle prize!

Write Your Own Adventure Stories

It’s important to have your kids continue reading and writing even when school is out. One way to do this is by asking them to write their own adventure stories and then read them to the rest of the family when finished. This will help them explore their own imagination, while also practicing their reading skills. To make things more entertaining, you can have them act out the story they wrote as if it were a play.

Whatever you do to engage your family this summer, beat the heat and get creative!

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Paul Stella