Top 15 Travel Tips that Will Save You Money This Summer

As much as you may have the urge to splurge when it comes to getting back out into the world, the reality is that most people need to stay within a reasonable budget. But as more travel options open up, it’s the perfect time to start taking travel plans more seriously. 

We’ve got you covered this summer. If you’re looking for affordable ways to explore the world around you, take a look at some of our money-saving travel tips!

  • Make a Plan 

Planning your trip ahead of time will ultimately help you to save money in the long run. Utilize your notes app and make it shareable with fellow travelers. From lodging and ticket info to packing lists and food options, jot down info that everyone can easily tap into on their phones so you don’t go over budget.

  • Travel Mid-Week 

Midweek travelers get better deals when they book flights and lodging between Sunday and Thursday, especially when they are booked far enough in advance.

  • Buy Your Own Groceries

If you have the option at your final destination, fill the fridge or pantry with groceries for the week. Have some quick and easy breakfast and snack options available. Pack a cooler full of food and drinks for a day at the beach. 

Bring a refillable water bottle to reduce waste and save money on purchasing water. A lot of places will even let you fill up your canteen for free. Pro tip: Local farmer’s markets make for a fun activity and can save you money on fresh produce, too.

  • Find Free Local Attractions

There’s usually some fun, free activities around vacation hotspots like hiking, memorial sites, sightseeing, walking the boardwalk, watching the sunset, or starting a bonfire…keep a list handy and refer to it throughout the week.

  • Accommodation Alternatives 

Websites like AirBnB often offer affordable lodging options. Some AirBnBs even have bikes that you can use for free. Take advantage of the extra amenities offered by your host.

  • If You Prefer a Hotel, Get a Discounted Rate

Find last minute deals, haggle, use apps, and take advantage of discounted hotel offers. If you have a credit card, don’t forget to use their rewards programs and travel benefits. 

  • Skip the Souvenirs 

Make a photo album instead! Taking the time to do a vacation photo shoot is a free activity and the memories will last a lifetime. 

  • Travel Later in the Summer

You’ll find better travel deals in August and September, especially when compared to June and July. Avoid weekends and the weeks surrounding busy holidays. 

  • Stay with Friends or Travel in Groups to Split the Costs

Visiting friends in other cities is a great way to reconnect while experiencing a new place. Splitting vacation bills with a group of friends makes things like dining and lodging way more affordable…and fun!

  • Eat Where the Locals Eat

A small, locally owned restaurant or taco truck usually has the best food in town and costs way less than eating at a big restaurant. 

  • Walk or Bike if You Can

Not only is it good exercise, but you can also get some sightseeing done along the way. 

  • Utilize Public Transit

Busses, trolleys, and subway trains tend to have cheap tickets to ride. Some beach towns even offer free shuttles. 

  • Find the Happy Hours

A lot of great places offer appetizers, drinks, and meals at a discounted price during happy hour. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! 

  • Get Tips from a Local

Friendly residential folks often have the best insight into hidden gems around town. It never hurts to ask about free activities or hotspots nearby! 

  • Utilize Travel Apps to Get Good Deals and Discounts 

Using tools like tracking on Google, Google flights and Skyscanner can help you find the cheapest flights to anywhere. This article is for information, illustrative, and entertainment purposes only and does not purport to show actual results. It is not, and should not be regarded as investment advice or as a recommendation regarding any particular investment action.

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