Your Home – Creative Ways to Store Pool and Outdoor Toys

Outdoor toys and pool accessories are part of what makes summer fun. And while they make for great memories, having a yard full of pool noodles and kid’s toys isn’t ideal for any family’s outdoor living space!

Shoving everything into the garage or shed may work every now and then, but eventually, you may find yourself losing and rebuying toys. Instead, use these outdoor toy storage ideas to keep your pool and outdoor toys easy to store and find.

Get the Whole Family Involved

Spending an afternoon organizing all of your pool and outdoor toys can be beneficial, but it can also be time-consuming! 

Having the whole family work together to keep your home’s outdoor space organized will help your children to become more responsible and will make the entire process more fun for everyone.

To keep things light and interesting, try assigning different storage roles to each member of your family. Toddlers can be responsible for putting small balls into a storage bin, teenagers can make sure that all pool toys are fetched and hung to dry, and dad can hang bicycles and kiddie pools.

Get Creative with Organization

No one likes cleaning, but organizing your pool and outdoor toys can be fun. In fact, you can have your children help to create storage solutions. This will teach them the importance of organization and will make them want to use their new inventions.

Try one of the following storage ideas for outdoor toys:

  • Save space by hanging all family bicycles from the ceiling
  • Use a weather-resistant cart to store towels, sunscreen, and other pool necessities
  • Create a “ball jail” by stretching bungee cords
  • Hang your kiddie pool on the garage wall to create extra floor space
  • Install hooks in your shed or garage for hangable toys
  • Create a toy car parking lot 
  • Use a mesh laundry bag for all miscellaneous toys and small balls

By making organization fun, you’ll help the family to get excited to put things in their places.

Separate by Type

Organizing your toys during the spring and summer seasons is great, but make sure you’ll be able to remember where to find all those toys next year, too. To save yourself a headache and categorize your toy storage.

You can categorize your toys based on size and function. Some categories in your home may include: 

  • Sports equipment
  • Water toys
  • Yard games
  • Toys with wheels

Categorizing your storage will help you to keep certain toys together and prevent losing smaller toys. Next year, you won’t have to worry about where the horseshoe game is if it’s in the same storage bin as all of your other yard games. And where are those water guns? In the same cabinet as all of the pool toys, of course!

Time spent outdoors is a great way to create great memories with the family. Use these simple tips to store all of your pool and outdoor toys so that you can focus on fun with the family instead of all of the cleanup!

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